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A new twist on an old fundraiser...

Gone are the laborious days of chasing down recipes, putting them all together and the cost of printing & storing cookbooks - that may or may not sell - as a one-time fundraiser. Build A Cookbook is a private cookbook for YOUR community or organization. Your cookbook comes pre-populated with recipes, so that you have a product to sell from day one. There is no minimum sales obligation - so it is a perfect fundraiser & community builder - regardless of whether your organization has 5 or 5000 members. And, with its annual subscription model, it is the fundraiser that keeps on giving... year after year after year.

What do we get?

Your cookbook comes pre-populated with 100-150 recipes. You are certainly encouraged to have your supporters to add their favorite recipes (whether they buy the cookbook or not). But unlike traditional cookbooks, that is only the beginning. This is a full, feature-rich cookbook - available from your desktop or mobile device, including:
   » Search the recipes for ingredients that you might have lying around your house
   » Share recipes with your friends and community
   » Create a shopping list to take with you to the grocery store
   » Do all of your menu & meal planning
   » Rate & review recipes, share your experiences and make recommendations
   » Use a pricebook to compare sale prices, and more...

We are always adding new recipes and new features - returning additional value to your supporters year after year.

How does the fundraiser work?

Reach out to your members and supporters and encourage them to support your organization through the purchase of a subscription to the cookbook. Your supporters will like that it is benefiting your organization AND that they are getting a useful, tangible item. Their purchase is an annual subscription, so unlike most cookbooks and most fundraisers which involve a lot of effort for a one-time payout, this cookbook requires minimal effort and creates an on-going revenue stream for you - year after year. Our suggested retail price is $40, but you have the flexibility to set the price of both the initial subscription and the renewals. In addition to that, we offer the ability for you to provide coupons or discounts for the cookbook, so that you can create a 'sale' for the cookbook before a holiday, as a 'thank you,' as a prize, or as part of another event (ie. 'come to this event & get $5 off the cookbook' or 'purchase a ticket for the annual dinner, and get a free year subscription to the cookbook').

  # of cookbooks sold    price per cookbook    your annual profits  

And if a bulk/site license makes more sense for your organization, we can accommodate that, as well.

What about advertising or sponsorships?

You can drive additional revenue through the integration of advertising and/or sponsorships of the cookbook. You can: - offer the cookbook ad-free - take ads that you have solicited from other initiatives (ad journals, calendars, etc), and extend those relationships to the cookbook, to provide more value to your patrons and to generate additional advertising revenues. We can even offer a 'free trial' period for those advertisers. - let us provide ads - in addition to or instead of having to solicit your own ads. We can provide ads from many of the national brands where your supporters shop: Gap, Best Buy, Staples, etc. Your organization will earn commissions off of any purchases made. - offer your patrons sponsorship opportunities - for a sponsorship of a specific recipe or a specific section of the cookbook. This is a great option for honoring, remembering or saying 'thank you' to someone, or to underwrite the cost of the cookbook to your supporters.

What types of organizations would benefit from this fundraiser?

This is a great fundraiser for any organization or community. Schools, churches, synagogues and other non-profits are perfect fits, but your community - from a co-op to a village - you can benefit from this cookbook. The cookbook is great for helping PTAs fundraise for their events and for 8th graders or high school students to run & manage as a fundraiser for their class trip - all while learning a little about entrepreneurialism.

What do we need to do & how do we get started?

Since you have a product to sell from day one, your only efforts are to inform your supporters about this great opportunity to cook up some goodies while supporting the organization at the same time. E-mail us at: fundraising@buildacookbook.com, and we will get you up & running, so you can start fundraising right away!